At Chosen Vessels Apparel, customers’ satisfaction is extremely important. This is why we make sure every contracted order is done to perfection. We make sure each garment we print
meets the highest quality standards. Not only do we make sure the print job is fantastic, we
make sure all aspects of the order are correct, from quantities and colors, to shipping and
delivery services. No order is too large, and our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry.
Chosen Vessels provides an array of pre-designed Christian apparel. Bulk orders of these items are available at a discounted rate. Please note the following:
 A minimum of 25 shirts must be ordered for discount.
 All sales are final.
We will email you within 48-72 hours, please let us know your shirt(s) of interest and the quantity  you're considering to purchasing so we can create custom plan.
Please  provide your tax exempt/ resale form via email to ContactUs@ChosenVesselsApparel.com