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Grow in Grace by CEO Faint

Grow in Grace by CEO Faint

I remember one of my mentors and I speaking casually about businesses and branding, and he called out a well known entrepreneur’s name. He said if he could ask him one question it would be, “Do you feel that you blew up too fast?” Then he explained why he would ask it. It was because although the well known entrepreneur was currently successful in other endeavors, the brand that made him famous was now a flop; and even through his attempts to rebrand, there was still no success.

“Grow gracefully,” because anything that blows up too fast is more than likely an infection. We love God, He loves us, but most of the time it’s still a process. Consistent hard work gets results and nothing happens overnight. You must visualize, set goals, plan a course of action to reach said goals, and smash them. Too often we are quick to share the wins, but no one ever really talks about how the losses make them feel. Well, I want to change that with a bit of transparency...

Last year, I was juggling between two businesses. The first one was my baby. It was a purpose in which I had been pregnant with for a while and when I birthed it, it was well done and ready. The other, was kind of birthed out of everyone asking me to do something custom for them. Me being the hustler that I am, was like let’s

do it! And well, let’s just call it what it was... an #EPICFAIL! 🗣

Another person, whom I consider to be a mentor met me at my entrepreneurial crossroad, and she sternly said, “You can’t do both, YOU HAVE TO PICK one: Chosen Vessels or Custom Printing.”

I was heart broken and quite embarrassed. The fear of being ridiculed plagued me. What If someone found out I failed? What about all that I had worked so hard for? I’d made T-shirts since I was eight or nine-years-old and finally taken a leap and left corporate America to dive into the world of entrepreneurship... and now I was facing failure.

Let me tell you, last years lost ended up being the greatest WIN I’ve ever had!!


Because it taught me to do what God had called me to do. Although it hurt and seemed like my world had been shaken upside down at the time of going through it, I had to realize He trusted me with the gift of Chosen Vessels. I knew I had to and put my energy back into the brand that was designed and orchestrated to change lives and empower the believers while, most importantly, reaching the unbeliever. After all, this brand was birthed for the unbeliever that they may be converted.

Soon, I’ll tell you more about what we’ve accomplished this year. From running one of the most successful social media campaigns, to traveling, meeting celebrities, and expanding the brand since the decision was made to shift focus back to CVA. It wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it. And today, without doubt, hesitation, or even an ounce of fear, I can say that Chosen Vessels Apparel is “Growing Gracefully.”

God Bless. 

-CEO Faint 

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  • Beautifully spoken Faint! You can never go wrong with God!

  • SutCQhRPEfqdrZi

  • Love this! Thank you for the encouraging words and keeping it real with a little transparency.

  • Great article on transparent issues that most entrepreneurs have to face. Keep growing graceful!

    Nicole Williams

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