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Chosen Vessels

I Am A Chosen Vessel by Ackeem Hill

We all will have our fair share of trials and troubles in life. I find peace in knowing that the God of Abraham, the God of Job, and the God of David is the same God who reigns supreme today. I know there is a special calling and anointing on my life, and I refuse to give up and let the enemy win over me. They will try, but they can't triumph over me. I am favored by God because I am a chosen vessel!
Acts 2:38

Acts 2:38 For Everybody by Tara Adams

Salvation was first for the Jews, then we see the Samaritans join the church in Acts chapter 8, and then the gentiles in Acts 10. Cornelius was a Gentile that served God. As much as he feared God, and prayed, he still needed to obey Acts 2:38. He was a Gentile who loved the God of Israel. He had a relationship with God but he wasn’t saved. Peter said, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism. In every nation, he accepts those who fear him and do what is right. “ Acts 10:34-35

I Am A Chosen Vessel by Kristen Caum

I Am A Chosen Vessel by Kristen Caum

The greatest lie of the enemy is that you are less. You are not enough, you are rejected, damaged, flawed, and broken. You are not worth the anointing that has been given to you because of all the things you, and possibly others, think or say about you.
Grow in Grace by CEO Faint

Grow in Grace by CEO Faint

I remember one of my mentors and I speaking casually about businesses and branding, and he called out a well known entrepreneur’s name. He said if he could ask him one question it would be, “Do you feel that you blew up too fast?” Then he explained why he would ask it. It was because although the well known entrepreneur was currently successful in other endeavors, the brand that made him famous was now a flop; and even through his attempts to rebrand, there was still no success.

“Grow gracefully,” because anything that blows up too fast is more than likely an infection. We love God, He loves us, but most of the time it’s still a process. Consistent hard work gets results and nothing happens overnight. You must visualize, set goals, plan a course of action to reach said goals, and smash them. Too often we are quick to share the wins, but no one ever really talks about how the losses make them feel. Well, I want to change that with a bit of transparency...