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I Am A Chosen Vessel by Ackeem Hill

I Am A Chosen Vessel by Ackeem Hill



I Am A Chosen Vessel,

A chosen vessel is one who is created for a purpose. One who is called to make Jesus great. One who understands the weight of the anointing and uses it as God allows. Being a chosen vessel is a constant reminder that God has already ordained our path; and all we have to do is walk with authority, wisdom, and spiritual integrity.

The bible says the joy of the Lord is strength, and I find so much joy and strength in knowing that I am a chosen vessel. It means that I know I am not alone, despite how I may feel. It reminds me that I'm more than enough, despite the enemy tricking me into thinking that I am less than. It is acknowledging that I am a winner, despite feeling like everything I do is deemed a loss. Being a chosen vessel reminds me not to be weary. Although we get weary at times, being chosen reminds me that I can't let defeat become who I am.

I am chosen and my new name is Victory!

We all will have our fair share of trials and troubles in life. I find peace in knowing that the God of Abraham, the God of Job, and the God of David is the same God who reigns supreme today. I know there is a special calling and anointing on my life, and I refuse to give up and let the enemy win over me. They will try, but they can't triumph over me. I am favored by God because I am a chosen vessel!

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  • Well said! It is important for us to remember that we were specifically chosen for the path of righteousness and we are equipped for the purpose that God has for us. This gives us courage to keep going! I love this message.


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