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I Am A Chosen Vessel by Kristen Caum

I Am A Chosen Vessel by Kristen Caum


What does that mean? Does that mean I’m a child of God? Does that mean I am called? Does that mean I have a special purpose? Does that mean God chooses me?

YES. Yes, to all the above.

The greatest lie of the enemy is that you are less. You are not enough, you are rejected, damaged, flawed, and broken. You are not worth the anointing that has been given to you because of all the things you, and possibly others, think or say about you.

YES. We might have things in our life that have damaged us.
YES. We most likely have been broken at one point or another.
YES. We are all flawed.


Jesus chooses us anyways, because through our cracks and imperfections -HE SHINES.

Let me be transparent with all of you for a moment here.
I DESPISE failing.
I beat myself up if I fall, fail, or can’t seem to do everything right.
I do not like to look weak and incapable of doing a task.
I may not show it to everyone, but inside, I’m saying to myself...
Why can't I manage to control this?
Why am I not a better *insert whatever it is here*?
Why would God call me to do this when there are other people more qualified?

Am I the only one who thinks these things and feels these things?
I know that I am not.
I know that there are many people reading this now that feels and deals with the same things I deal with.
It’s a tough word.
It’s tough to feel like God wants to use you when you have so many flaws.
But here is the message.

The Bible, over and over again, illustrates to us that ANYONE can be -not just used of God- but mightily used of God.
David was a murderous adulterer, but he was still a man after God’s own heart, who slayed a giant and wrote beautiful music to the Lord.
Ruth was an outsider Moabite woman, rejected by the Jews, but Jesus made her part of his lineage.
Peter had a quick tongue and temper to match, but God set him up as a leader to guide the church during times of great revival and persecution.
Saul murdered Christians, until God gave him revelation, changed his heart and his name to Paul, and called him an Apostle. He began a ministry so powerful it covers half of the New Testament.
Sampson was a fornicator who gave up his blessing for an ungodly woman. God forgave and came upon him once again, allowing his supernatural strength to return to his body before his death.
Thomas doubted, but was still called a Disciple and walked with Jesus daily.
God uses flaws.

God uses the unexpected.

We may have been rejected by this world and people we trusted.
We may have made mistakes that we can hardly forgive ourselves for.
Situations in life might have damaged and scarred us.
We have flaws that sometimes feel like they will be a lifelong battle.

You are chosen in all your imperfections to be a light to this world.
Not because you are perfect, but rather because you are imperfect working daily on drawing closer to Jesus Christ.
We must harness the power of realizing that our flaws, our hurts, and our rejections are simply an avenue for God to touch others through us.

How can we minister to the Lost if we were never lost and then found?
How can we speak peace over fear, if we’ve never faced fear head on?
How can we talk about the healing power of Jesus if we’ve never been sick?
How can we reach the hurting and broken if we have not felt hurt or broken ourselves?

Broken to be put back together.
Hurting so you can be healed.
Flawed so that Jesus can shine his perfection through us.
We are called.
We are a light.
We are God’s children.
And we are chosen.

May the God of Hope be with you,
Kristen Caum
CVA Ambassador

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5 Comment

  • Beautifully written! I love your honesty. Wishing you the best with this endeavor!

  • This is a good read and the blog flowed from beginning to end. I love how the Author reiterated how “God uses flaws” and “God uses the unexpected”. If there were any doubts about being a chosen vessel , this blog brings clarity.

    Jasper Williams
  • Kristen!

    I felt your heart in this one! Thank you for your transparency and thank you for showing us how God works. He uses our imperfections and changes it to fuel for the future. We over come by the blood of The Lamb and by the words of our testimonies! You have one and I’m glad you are at a place where you can share freely, knowing it will bless somebody else!

    God bless you my sister!

    Ackeem Hill
  • I thank God for shining through my cracks. I’m thankful everyday he chose me! Great post Kristen. Thankful God’s thoughts and ways are above ours. 💕

    Tara Adams
  • WOW Sis! This is true for all of us, God reminds me daily of my anointing through him! I am nothing on my own but God 🙌 I know I’ll never be perfect but he is made perfect through my weakness, when I am weak he shines his strength through each flaw…each shortcoming and leads others to himself in the midst of it all! Thank you for sharing from your heart to help us all see we ARE CHOSEN VESSELS! #Beapostolic

    Amanda Saunders

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