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Spiritual Wellness by Melenie Brown

Spiritual Wellness by Melenie Brown

The world is all about wellness lately! It is hard to scroll through our social media and not see the latest fitness tips, the importance of self care, how to ensure that you are taking care of your mental health, etc. It easy to get swept up into the cares of this world and this life, and not take care of the things that matter. However, just as the outward man tires and needs care, so does our inward man. Paul says it best when he states that we should set aside every weight that does so easily beset us. While we should absolutely take care of our outward man, we must also do what it takes to take care of our inward man.

Our souls need wellness too!

To be spiritually fit keeps us in times of temptation, helps us guard our hearts, helps us win battles against the enemy, and be ready to witness! When we are connected to God, and exercise our spiritual muscles, we run the race before us with endurance knowing every day we are closer to well done!

How do we do this?

Elder David Hollis taught at a church camp, a few years ago, and told us to follow this pattern “Fast, pray, read your bible, read your bible, fast and pray.”

These are basic steps that make all the difference in helping our spiritual wellness. Pray, talk to the creator who made you, loved you, and chose you. Take a break from social media and cover your mouth to hear what God has to say. Soak in the word and let him speak. Remember, none of what you do for outward wellness matters if your spiritual wellness is lacking. And don’t do it to brag about it. It’s not about the likes and validation. Just do it for the Lord! God bless you guys and stay spiritually and naturally healthy.

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